About Us

Sketch Consultancy, provides strategic consulting and retail transformation services to leading retailers and consumer brands. Sketch Consultancy supports clients improve their effectiveness by anticipating and responding to the rapid changes in consumer buying habits and retail technologies.

Sketch Consultancy was founded by  group of professionals armed with extensive knowledge in  Retail Sales and Marketing over 15 years.  Sketch is backed up with a rich experience acquired from working within industry throughout a wide array of IT, Telecom and Electronics products.

As retail specialists, our strength lies in our unique ‘vertical’ model. Our focus on retail ensures that we fully understand this sector, and we combine under one roof all of the essential retail disciplines to address the challenges faced by retailers and consumer brands in adapting to the ever-changing  consumer market.

Our Difference

Our Services cover retail strategy, international retail expansion, organisational design, supply chain and management, End Consumer program, retail store formats and locations, experience marketing, India market entry as well as technology development. We also provide consultancy on retail acquisitions and disposals.

Questions we address.

Some of the big strategic questions we address for our clients:

  • What changes must we make to remain among the retail winners in 3-5 years? What does this mean for our offer, stores, ecommerce, customer experience, supply chain, IT, and organisation?
  • Our core business model appears increasingly mature, with slowing or declining like-for-like retail sales. What quick wins are available to us, and where are the longer term growth opportunities?
  • Omni-channel retail and digital transformation present us with many potential opportunities: in the face of these, what strategy  can position us best for the next 5 years?
  • Indian market entry and retail growth is key to our future success: which format, channels and operating models (e.g. franchise, JVs, own stores…) should be our focus for greatest payback?
  • Our retail and ecommerce technology is becoming outdated: when and how best should we renew our IT infrastructure to ensure affordability, reduced risk and maximum return on investment? What will be the resultant value addition to  core business ?
  • The speed of evolution in our market requires us to be more customer-facing, innovative, nimble and ‘joined-up’: how must we re-organise and optimize our ways of working to ensure this?