Market Entry

Market Entry

India, the fourth largest economy in the world according to purchasing power parity, presents lucrative and diverse opportunities for western companies with the right products, services, and commitment. American exports to India exceeded $22 billion in 2012. This means that India bought more American goods and services than Israel and Italy did. India’s growing $1.8 trillion economy demands American and European products and services for its consumers, industry and government.

All this spells opportunity for foreign businesses, entrepreneurs and investors.

Exporters with the right products/services can readily find buyers, entrepreneurs can benefit by innovating unique solutions for the Indian market in partnerships with Indian entrepreneurs. Investors can find highly profitable investment opportunities.

Supported by practical experience and on the ground knowledge and support, Sketch provides brand with innovative solutions which not only answer questions on the competition, technical barriers, pricing and distribution channels, but can also provide the client with qualified business leads and partners.

Service Provided:

  • Product Research and Assessment
  • Marketing Sizing and Opportunity
  • Market Entry Strategy and Partnership program
  • Import support and legalities
  • Retail Tie-ups and Marketing Opportunities
  • Payroll services to improve efficiency and increase ROI