Merchandising Consulting

Merchandising Consulting

Providing brands and retailers with flexibility and the tools that they need to succeed

Merchandising is a mission-critical retail function that is part art, part science. Success requires detailed planning, optimized business processes, data mining and analytics, while allowing flexibility to react to market conditions.

Our retail expertise spans the Merchandising value chain, including retail information management, merchandise financial planning, category management, assortment and space planning, pricing and promotion planning. Our solutions enable customer-centric merchandising.

Buying & Merchandising

We offer expertise in process, organization and tools to improve your buying and merchandising operations. We help you develop your strategy, improve vendor terms and collaboration, manage prices, align with product development, manage costs and develop your merchandising organization.

Merchandise and Assortment Planning

We provide deep domain expertise and practical experience in merchandise and assortment planning. We have worked with some of the world’s leading retailers to improve their processes, design the organization and roles, address strategic planning challenges, implement change and deploy planning solutions.

Promotions & Markdown Optimization

We help retailers develop the capabilities to actively and effectively manage their promotions and markdowns to drive bottom line performance.

Product Development & Sourcing

We provide consulting services and practical experience in product development, sourcing and vendor collaboration. Our deep domain expertise will help you streamline your business processes, improve visibility and responsiveness to pre-production and production events, and reduce your overall development calendar. Our expertise includes Product Development Strategy, Sourcing Capabilities Assessment, Organization Design and Implementation, Sourcing Process. We have worked with some of the world’s leading retailers to improve their processes, design the organization and roles, implement change and deploy Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

We support initiatives and strategies for the entire product lifecycle process, from initial product conception, design, sampling to manufacturing. We help reduce product development timeframes and align them with merchandising calendars, enable collaboration with key trading partners, and focus event management on key pre-production and production milestones.

Demand Forecasting

The professionals at Sketch Consultancy help retail and wholesale companies improve their demand forecasting process and forecast accuracy. This includes, We have experience analyzing forecasts, defining improved models and implementing software solutions. Typical results include improving forecast accuracy, reducing weekly forecast exceptions and increased margins due to better buying and distribution.

Store Operations

We help retailers align and optimize their physical store environments to overall strategic business model objectives, taking into consideration processes, physical layouts, supporting tools / technologies and the roles and responsibilities of the store staff. We have worked with some of the world’s leading retailers to improve their processes, design the organization and roles, implement change and deploy supporting retail store solutions.

Customer Engagement

We help retailers develop a strategy and roadmap for engaging customers, building shopper loyalty and driving brand equity. Our areas of expertise include Channel Strategy, Customer Experience Design, Customer Engagement Roadmap,  Store Operations etc

Project Management and Change Management

Our Project Management professionals brings years of experience and discipline managing programs and teams of professionals to successfully deploy change and implement solutions. We bring project planning, issue management, day-to-day management and communication tools and expertise to help you drive successful change in your business. We understand the project manager must be a balance of fair and tough to help teams through change while meeting project objectives. We have effectively managed small, large and very complex programs for some of the world’s leading retailers.